Short essay on if i were a pencil

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Free pencil papers, essays, and research papers. Waving his Withering Pencil as if it were a Pirate's Cutlass - Waving his Withering Pencil as if it were a Pirate's Cutlass There have been precious few consistencies in my life, very few things I have been able to hold on to for stability.

Sep 10,  · Best Answer: If I were a pencil I would be dull, because all my thoughts and feelings would be put onto paper and I would need constant sharpening. My paint would be chipped from bite marks, as my writer would be deep in thought and not realize what he/she was doing to my Resolved.

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It had a. Sharp, dull, long, short, thick, thin, wooden, mechanical It comes with assistants and helpers Erasers, sharpeners, boxes of lead, pencil cases If I were a pencil, I would love it whenever my owner Picks me up and writes with me Because I know my owner needs me To write and draw and spin and doodle.

Short essay on if i were a pencil
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