Min zhan lu from silence to words writing as struggle snuggle

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Min-Zhan Lu stated, “My mother withdrew into silence two months before she died. A few nights before she fell silent, she told me she regretted the way she had raised me and my sisters. I knew she was referring to the way we had been brought up in the midst of two conflicting worlds.” (Lu ).

In the story by Min-Zhan Lu she makes me think of the extreme scenario when the majority groups view other races, culture and ethnicities. As she says, “I was almost oblivious to the great political and social changes happening around me”.

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“Mother Tongue” and “From Silence to Words” [ send me this paper ] A 3 page paper which compares the way in which Amy Tan writes in “Mother Tongue” and Min-zhan Lu writes in “From Silence to Words: Writing as Struggle.”.

An Analysis of From Silence to Words: Writing as Struggle Through this essay, Min-zhan Lu depicts the struggles she faced growing up in China while speaking English. I feel the paragraph that best exemplifies this struggle is one found on page The quotation from Min-Zhan Lu’s From Silence to Words: Writing as Struggle, “ I began to put on and take off my Working class language in the same way I put on and took off my school clothes to avoid being criticized for wearing Bourgeois clothes”, shows how she had to change her dynamic of thinking, learning, reading, and writing.

Min zhan lu from silence to words writing as struggle snuggle
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